Adelphi's original Denton Corker Marshall design was considered groundbreaking in many aspects but the most startling feature of all appeared gravity defying - a glass-bottomed, cantilevered swimming pool that extended a full two metres beyond the building's periphery, to hover above Flinders Lane. Dawdling pedestrians looking up and daring swimmers looking down might just catch each other's gaze, separated only by nine storeys of open air.

It's hard to believe that Adelphi, acclaimed for its innovation and contemporary aesthetic, has charmed its guests for nearly three decades. The change of ownership in 2013 also prompted significant plans to also renovate and rejuvenate its iconic pool deck once the hotel had settled into its new identity.   

After a long process of creativity and consulation Adelphi's Rooftop Pool & Deck re-opened in December 2017.  An entirely new pool has been dropped into the rooftop - retaining the design of the cantileverd glass bottom, of course!   Gloss Creative added the final styling touches to bring the space to life. 

Hotel guests enjoy this space has part of their stay at Adelphi Hotel.  Public wishing to access the pool can do so for $35/day inclusive of towel hire.