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Pool Deck Update

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Adelphi's original Denton Corker Marshall design was considered groundbreaking in many aspects but the most startling feature of all appeared gravity defying - a glass-bottomed, cantilevered swimming pool that extended a full two metres beyond the building's periphery, to hover above Flinders Lane. Dawdling pedestrians looking up and daring swimmers looking down might just catch each other's gaze, separated only by nine storeys of open air.

It's hard to believe that Adelphi, acclaimed for its innovation and contemporary aesthetic, has charmed its guests for two decades. The change of ownership in 2013 prompted significant plans to renovate and rejuvenate. In July 2015, we have put this development out to tender. We are in discussions with architects and have seen some amazing design ideas. We will keep you updated when we have further information as to when the refurbishment commences.

**From January to March 2016 (Monday to Friday), non-hotel guests are welcome to use our pool & deck area for $25 per person, per day (includes entry + towel hire). Please call reception prior to arriving on the day to check availability, as it is also a popular space for events which are often closed to non-residents.**