Flinders Lane is a feast - a rich source of inspiration and stimulation for the daily crowd drawn by the cosmopolitan cafes and restaurants, bars, boutiques, ateliers, galleries, arcades and alleyways. Linked to major transport and central to the thriving metropolis of Melbourne,'The Lane' was once the heart of the nation's lively 'rag trade'. And while wholesale operations have now largely ceased, the heritage of the area lingers and the creative culture thrives.

A defining aspect of Flinders Lane's latter-day development was the transformation of the Adelphi building. Built in 1938, it operated as a soft goods warehouse, until it was purchased in the late 80s by visionary architects, Denton Corker Marshall, and converted into an utterly unique boutique hotel. Its startling aesthetic was designed as an antidote to the staid luxury of hotels the world over. Bold and provocative, it attracted acclaim, fame and high profile guests throughout the 90s.

DCM's sale of Adelphi preceded an era of mixed fortune for the institution, before three new owners stepped forward in 2013. Dion, Ozzie and Simon founded Iconic Hotels Group and engaged award-winning design studio, Hachem, to reconsider the hotel's interior and redefine its outlook. Today, Adelphi is the world's premier dessert hotel, and back to its decadent best.